Creative Ways To Get Into God’s Word

For a while now I have had this heavy burden for women to read their Bibles. I’m not sure how it all started, I just remember one day feeling so weighed down at the thought of women neglecting the only source of “living water.” In chapter one of Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word, Kathleen Buswell Nielson asks: “If the Bible is God speaking, then how should we listen?” I would like to add: If the Bible is God speaking, shouldn’t we hunger to read it?

I have realized that just telling someone “read the Bible” may not mean much to them or may be interpreted a certain way. One friend told me the other day that when she would hear “read the Bible” she automatically thought it meant, “wake-up early.” What I’m seeing is that there are these patterns of thought in women stemming from their past church experiences, discipling relationships, denominational cultures, family culture and dynamics and so on, that creates a predisposition in how they receive this type of exhortation.

Sometimes a woman doesn’t know where to start, sometimes she is in an overwhelming season of trial or of many little children, some have jobs, some have the added duty of home-schooling, some have fifteen children, and on and on…. There are xn variations. There are some who may even think it’s laying on a burden to tell a woman to be in the Word (See this post from John Piper why it’s not legalism). Here’s how Piper starts off:

“Don’t rest on past reading. Read your Bible more and more every year. Read it whether you feel like reading it or not. And pray without ceasing that the joy return and pleasures increase…this is not legalism…”

––John Piper

Of course all these exhortations must be done with graciousness. I think when it comes to women encouraging and counseling other women, a woman needs to know you are for her, that you want to truly see her flourish spiritually, that this isn’t just another item on the “Christian to-do” list along with “make sure every meal is from scratch” or whatever other nonsense that makes its rounds in various Christian subcultures on what it means to be a “godly” wife and mother. I would like to exhort women of all ages to make it their number one priority (yes, above ANY thing else) to read God’s Word. If you want to know how you can fit Bible reading in to your busy life, here are some opportunities you may want to consider:

  1. Read in the morning before the day begins
  2. Read at night after the kids go to bed
  3. Read during the middle of the night if you happen to be awake
  4. Read during the children’s nap time
  5. Read while sitting on the bench watching the kids play at the park
  6. Read while standing around in the playground keeping your eye on your little one(s)
  7. Read with other women when you get together for play-dates
  8. Read while sitting in the backyard watching the kids play
  9. Read to your husband or ask him to read to you
  10. Read to the children during a meal or a snack
  11. Read while the kids are watching “after-school” cartoons
  12. Read on your beach vacation (God’s Word is more important than that novel)
  13. Listen to the Bible being read on the iPod or other device while nursing the baby
  14. Listen to the Bible being read while doing chores (e.g. laundry, dusting, mopping) around the house
  15. Listen to the Bible being read while driving in the car on the way to work
  16. Listen to the Bible being read while driving back home after work
  17. Listen to the Bible being read while driving the kids to activities or school
  18. Listen to the Bible being read while driving ANYWHERE during the day
  19. Listen to the Bible being read while taking walks
  20. Listen to the Bible being read while taking a shower
  21. Listen to the Bible being read while washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen
  22. Listen to the Bible being read while giving baths to the little ones
  23. Listen to the Bible being read while walking around the store doing your grocery shopping
  24. Listen to the Bible being read while mowing the lawn
  25. And on desperate days, hide out in the bathroom and read and pray

Ladies, may I entreat you to: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” (Colossians 3:16). If you are not sure where to start let me make a suggestion: Read the book of Mark, and while reading The Gospel According To Mark be thinking about how Jesus spends the first half of the Gospel showing us how to live, and how he spends the second half showing us how to die. (I got this idea from an interview, “Spirituality For All The Wrong Reasons” with Eugene Peterson.) Dwell on that: learn how to live and learn how to die (may need a post just on that thought alone).

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly” ––Colossians 3:16

5 thoughts on “Creative Ways To Get Into God’s Word

  1. Amen, my friend. And you are right. We get hung up on doing it “right”. Expecting a great revelation each time. I think we forget that it really is God’s Word~

  2. I’m not really sure how it all started but at some point it seems women thought they needed to sit down with a pen, highlighter and a journal in order to read the Bible. Now, that’s great when you’re studying the Scriptures (I’m all for that), but we also just need to be soaking in his Word. Otherwise, we can expect leanness of soul.

  3. I am going to be real here and say to the world that I read my Bible on average less than an hour PER MONTH and except for the rare exception (I.e. a short season of reading more frequently) that is how it has been my entire life. I say this to help other women reading this who may feel like they are the only one who doesn’t read their Bibles. Now come on… surely NOBODY has as much room for improvement as I do… ;)

  4. Becky, thank you, I long to see women grow in this area.

    Kristina, my friend, thank you for being willing to share your struggles. Fear and shame of not looking “godly” is one of the ways Satan keeps women in his grips; they become fearful to speak about their weaknesses and therefore their spiritual growth is hindered. One of the reasons I was drawn to Wendy Alsup’s blog, Practical Theology for Women (link on my sidebar) is because it is a gospel-safe forum for women to be able to discuss these issues without condemnation or condescension. I pray that Gospel Grace will also become a place for women to learn, grow, and heal. So again, thank you. My suggestion to you is to look down the list and find a few that you feel may work in your routine. Don’t set the goal so high that you become discouraged. I recommend starting with only one day a week, if the Lord gives you more––then praise be his name, and if not, it’s a good start to build on.

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